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MAZ Engineering

MAZ Engineering is an engineering firm that started in 2009 offering specialized engineering consulting services in Saudi Arabia. It is part of Al Mazro Group, and it has:

  • In-house and associated experts that gathered experience in local and international industries
  • Has distinguished expertise in petrochemical, oil & gas, construction industries
  • Worked extensively for Al Mazro Group companies

In 2015, a new business strategy was launched to expand into offering more specialized state-of-the-art products and services through partnerships with international names for oil & gas, petrochemical, power, desalination, and construction industries


Diolkos3D is an engineering consultancy office specialized in planning and designing of civil engineering infrastructure projects such roads, river streams, water supply networks, and sewage networks. With more than 20 years of expertise, experience and excellence, Diolkos3D provides comprehensive services and reliable solutions to its customers, municipalities, utility network operators and contractors

Diolkos3D combines its engineering services with its own developed state-of-art software solutions in the field she operates

  • Roads and highways design
  • Designing of Corridor projects, (Dams, rivers banks, etc)
  • Hydraulic analysis of river streams
  • Water supply networks
  • Sewage and storm water networks
  • Pumping stations
  • Waste water treatment plants

Unison Engineering & Consultants GmbH

Unison Engineering & Consultants GmbH offers over 20 years of experience in the plant industry and a wide spectrum of engineering services, from complete engineering design to custom detail projects. For the conception, design and documentation of new plants, revamps and retrofits Unison uses high end 3D tools. The competence of the engineering teams cover the following areas

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Power Plants
  • Rubber and Tire industry
  • Sugar and Starch factories
  • Food industry